About Us

We are Australian based, with a global focus

Nemean Group Pty Ltd (Nemean) was founded in 2018 to capitalise on the rapidly changing dynamics in financial markets globally, across three key areas: equity research, investor relations and corporate advisory.  We are Australian based, with a global focus.

As with the mythical Nemean Lion (pronounced Nee-me-an), our business symbolises boldness, strength, courage and leadership.  Our business was founded on the principles of resolute independence, professionalism, commitment, ethics, integrity and value creation/realisation for client companies and their shareholders.

In short, Nemean offers Resolute Performance™ in everything we do.

We are differentiated from other service providers, holding many years of direct experience within the financial markets, with a deep understanding of buy-side and sell-side institutional investors/analysts, construction of high quality & credible equity research, corporate advisory & capital raisings, acquisitions, compliance with ASX Listing Rules and governance.

Our focus is on driving value for client companies, through targeted equity research, investor relations and advisory services.

As a client company, you will also be dealing direct with the owners of the business, rather than subordinates who have been assigned to you on the basis of direct fee-paying potential. As a boutique, independent group we provide bespoke solutions rather than a one size fits all approach to value creation.

We offer an unrivalled client experience, with a hand’s on, expert approach in everything we do.

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