Frequently Asked Questions

We are Australian based, with a global focus

What is Nemean’s track record?

As Nemean is a start-up company, we rely on the track record of our founder who was a leading Healthcare and Biotechnology analyst for over 10 years and was the Global Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Development of an S&P / ASX 200 Company for 3.5 years. Our founder has substantial experience across equity research, investor relations and advisory.

Who owns Nemean?

Nemean Group Pty Ltd is 100% owned by the founder and CEO.  As the business grows, it is likely that the ownership structure will evolve as new staff are employed in the business. This more directly aligns our interests with that of our clients as the advisers are also the owners of the business, with shared values. In Nemean’s view, this structure lends itself to higher quality output and a greater focus on outcomes for clients.

What kind of clients will Nemean serve?

Nemean has significant expertise.  We anticipate that while in the early phases of our growth, Nemean will selectively target ASX companies within the Healthcare, Biotechnology and Medical Devices sector, or those seeking to undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO) within this space.

Our core capabilities and skills are highly translatable and transferrable to other sectors within the market.  Over time and as we grow, we have the capability to add further specialisation to our team as necessary.  Nemean only intends to work with a small number of select businesses where growth prospects are strong and the opportunity to materially increase shareholder value is apparent.

How do you manage conflicts?

Nemean is committed to providing clients the best possible advice, free of perceived or actual conflicts of interest.  In this regard, we have developed a Nemean Conflicts of Interest Policy.

This policy dictates how we avoid or appropriately manage conflicts of interest that may arise from time to time.  In all circumstances, where a perceived or actual conflict of interest materialises, the client will be informed in a very transparent manner.

We offer an unrivalled client experience, with a hand’s on, expert approach in everything we do.

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