Investor Relations

At Nemean, we focus on the longer term

Nemean specialises in the development and execution of effective Investor Relations (IR) strategies.

IR is a very unique skill set and is considered a strategic management responsibility, given the multi-factorial expertise required to integrate financial, product/technology capability, communication, marketing, legal, securities law and governance into a salient suite of information for analysts, investors and the media that drives company valuation.

Never before has the IR function been such a critical component for all ASX-listed companies.  We provide IR services to ASX-listed companies, who would ordinarily not have the financial resources to internalise the function.  We have direct, internal S&P / ASX 100 & 200 Company experience in this regard.  Additionally, we can develop effective IR strategies for private companies seeking to capitalise on the potential to drive value and interest into an Initial Public Offering.

Our team has met with hundreds of companies, and many hundreds of investors over the years. Too often there is a disconnect between what a Company believes it is ‘offering’ and what an investor ‘wants’.  Frequently, this leads to an exploitable opportunity for outperformance, if executed effectively. Too often, good companies are unable to sell their wares and poor companies over-promise and under-deliver.

At Nemean, we focus on the longer term. Our IR strategies are based on driving longer term company value, by thoroughly analysing and understanding the business value proposition. Short term fluctuations are to be anticipated, but it is the trend that counts.

We are experienced in:

  • ASX Listing Rules
  • Guidance Note 8 ‘Continuous Disclosure’
  • Positioning a business to institutional and retail investors
  • Investor roadshows
  • Teasing out information of value to sell-side and buy-side analysts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) communications, processes and compliance
  • Articulating financial, technical and corporate strategies to investors/analysts with ease
  • Investor reach via many long term institutional and broker relationships forged over 13.5 years
  • Ensuring continuity of message
  • Developing proprietary materials for staff who are investor/market facing
  • Crisis management
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues

All of these are pre-requisites for driving an enterprise value for the organisation that adequately reflects its future value.

Importantly, Nemean has experience and credibility. Unfortunately, some service providers purport to be experts in IR but have never held an IR position or had investors as clients. At Nemean, we have many years of direct experience in both.

We offer an unrivalled client experience, with a hand’s on, expert approach in everything we do.

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